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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced a lucrative new plan that will see international trade booming once more.

According to the self-titled Larrikin-In-Chief, Mr Morrison is in the process of securing a lucrative deal with a Nigerian Prince who he has a close and personal email connection with.

“They picked us specifically! All they need us to hold onto some money for them, you know how it is in the third world,” stated Mr Morrison, as he drew up a request for a statuette of dollar signs that reads ‘I made these.’

“But get this, he says we will keep 10% of the funds! I’m going to try to haggle him to 20%.”

At the time of writing, Mr Morrison is waiting for Treasurer Josh Frydenberg to provide him the “government bank account details” he requested so the transaction with the Nigerian Prince can go ahead.

Speaking exclusively with The Advocate, Mr Frydenberg said he was pretty sure the email correspondence with the alleged prince was a scam but that he was not worried the PM would actually lose any money.

“I’ve put Scotty completely in charge of it. That way you can be sure nothing will actually happen and there will be zero change to the status quo.” 


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