A young man passionate about climate change has just arrived home from a big day of activism today.

Blayne Wilson from Betoota Heights Secondary College has returned from the climate strikes to his family home looking pretty tired and smelling of teenage deodorant.

“Yeah it was good mum,” said the nonchalant high schooler currently making waves in his friendship group due to his recent relationships.

“I don’t know what else to tell you, it was great to get out and have our voice heard or whatever,” said the young man plowing through a bowl of cereal.

Unappeased, Wilson’s naive mum, who keeps her left wing views reasonably close to herself, kept prodding the young man on the day.

“Where there any notable people from town down there? What sort of chants deed people chant?” she asked.

“Where there any funny signs?” she asked Blayne who had pretty much switched off.

“Yeah there were some,” I guess replied the high schooler checking his Instagram.

Clocking out from the conversation, the young heart throb grabbed his bag that had previously stashed a 6 pack of cheap imported beers, asked his mum where dinner was and disappeared into his room.


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