Richie Mund (27) a well-known vocal campaigner and son of two career public servants in high-paid and secure bureaucratic positions within either the ABC or the state library, says theres a been a lot of government policy that can be blamed for the current trend of anti-intellectualism in Australian politics.

Number one, he says John Howard gutted education to keep the masses stupid, and two, the left have been overtaken by fruitless intersectionality focusing on women’s rights and the experiences of immigrants and Aboriginal people.

“Like, don’t get me wrong. I’m a big supporter of no flags, no borders, et cetera et cetera… But right now. In this country…. The rates of land clearing is catastrophic”

“It’s got to get to the point where we are going to need skim over the issues of these so called minorities and focus on the immediate threats to our environment”

“Like, we can get back to all that stuff, but I’m sick of having to play identity politics while the reliability of wind power continues to be ignored”

Richie, who volunteers for the Greens outside of his casually contracted job creating memes for GetUp says that he could never tell his colleagues what he really thinks about the result of the 2017 gay marriage plebiscite and the subsequent re-election of the Liberal Party in New South Wales.

“I know it’s like bad to say this but the reason immigrants and poor people, and like bogan farmers, vote conservatively… it’s because they aren’t really that well educated unfortunately”

Richie believes that when we can raise education standards in this country to the point where every man and woman have a similar quality of schooling as he and his mates did at Melbourne’s Xavier college, then no one will ever vote Liberal again.

But for now, he’s gotta wade through the murky waters of equality and affirmative action in order to save the world.

“Don’t get me started on the ALLEGED examples of sexism I’ve been accused of in my office. Talk about a speed bump in my career”

Richie says that while the #MeToo movement is very important for holding AFL stars and b-list actors accountable for their treatment of women, he never thought it would get to the point where he was unable to talk over people at dinner parties.

“Elon never got to where he was by having to worry about unfair power balances in the workplace” says Richie.


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