A Liberal MP is under fire over an incorrect claim made on the 2GB Breakfast show.

Fiona Martin was involved in a fiery studio debate with her Labor rival, Sally Sitou – after recent polling data shows that the marginal Western Sydney electorate of Reid looks to be one of the deciding seats in the 2022 Federal Election.

During the lengthy back-and-forth on Ben Fordham Live, Dr Martin claimed Ms Sitou was only contesting the seat because her acting work had dried up in Hollywood.

Fiona Martin said “You found an opportunity, and you couldn’t get any more work in the action movies. You got kicked out of Hollywood, too”

There was a brief pause, as Sally Sitou attempted to decipher what on earth her Liberal opponent was talking about – before opting to just give up and apologise on her behalf.

 “Now she’s just making things up. That’s how ridiculous this debate has gotten. And I’m really sorry your listeners have had to listen to that.”

However, Fiona Martin refused to acknowledge the fact that she might’ve made a catastrophic gaffe that will likely cost her big time at the polls – as she fights for re-election in a heavily multicultural federal division made up of voters who know the difference between different kinds of Asian

Instead, the Liberal incumbent decided to double down.

“What I meant to say… was that I loved watching you star alongside Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz in the Charlies Angels films”

“Kill Bill wasn’t bad either. Even though I heard rumours that you didn’t even do your own stunts”

“But those days are behind you. You’ve reached the end of the line as an actor, and now you want to just waltz on in here and take my job”

Even the moderator Ben Fordham’s jaw dropped, as Fiona Martin MP kept digging her own grave.

“What do you know about the people of Reid? What do you even know about Asian people?” said Fiona.

“You’ve spent the last twenty years in Los Angeles, drinking lattes no doubt!”

Ms Sitou has never met Cameron Diaz or Drew Barrymore.

ALP officials believe Fiona Martin may have confused Ms Sitou with the 53-year-old Emmy-nominated American actress Lucy Lui.


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