The leftie piece of shit inner-city small-L New South Wales Liberal party have today once again proven that they aren’t beholden to anti-science agenda of their Federal contemporaries.

Matt Kean, the NSW MP that admitted he thinks Climate Change might be real when millions of acres were on fire due to climate change, has continued to rub the Morrison government the wrong way.

He’s done this by outlining how he, Gladys and the NSW Nationals plan to work together to boost renewable energy alternatives .

On Friday, the NSW parliament passed laws to build 12 gigawatts of clean energy – roughly equivalent to the country’s entire existing large-scale renewable capacity – and 2GW of energy storage in the state over the next decade.

As Australia approaches the one year anniversary of Prime Minister Morrison being called out on live TV by several NSW Liberal MPs for his nihilistic Christian approach to the devastating summer bushfires, it seems there is a new wedge forming between the Liberal Party at a State and Federal level.

The Federal Cabinet, mostly made up of second-string former lawyers who got the call up when half of the party’s most experienced policymakers resigned alongside Turnbull, are reportedly furious at their

After being shown up on their rescue efforts during the Black Summer fires, their management of the pandemic, and now their climate action – the Federal Government can do nothing but wait until the Murdoch media turns on Gladys Berejiklian to put his government in a better light.

It is believed that until then, Morrison is going to just pretend that no one knows who Matt Kean is, like he did in January during the peak of the catastrophic climate-change-aided bushfires.

Earlier this year, when asked about Kean’s call for the federal government to abandon its use of Kyoto carryover credits to meet its 2030 emissions target, Morrison told ABC’s AM that “Matt Kean doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he doesn’t know what’s going on in the federal cabinet [and] most of the federal cabinet wouldn’t even know who Matt Kean was”.


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