Though you wouldn’t have picked it by just looking at him, local suit Mark Latham had some semblance of a personality. Once.

But now, as the leading hedge fund manager for a top financial consulting company, Mark has had his personality chipped away the higher he’s climbed up the career ladder.

Which to him, was a small price to pay for a top spot in Betoota Groove and the accolades that come from having a job that no one understands.

No, for Mark, his personality is saved solely for the weekend, when he’s able to finally let his hair down with the help of his good mate, Charlie. Only then, can that steely facade he’s so perfectly curated come down, as nobody’s going to remember what he had to say anyway.

He’s never really paused to reflect if the money and overtime are worth him living for the weekend, where he no doubt blows half his income numbing himself against any self reflection. Such as the fact that, despite constantly hitting his goals and achieving landmarks he thought would make him happy, he still feels the crushing emptiness that comes part and parcel with glorifying a materialistic, vapid lifestyle. 

But he’s sure he’ll feel a lot better once he works his way up to the top. Then it’ll all be worth it.

Try as he might though, the former Betoota Heights local can never truly shake off his working class upbringing, as evident in the faded frosty burn that makes an appearance whenever the weather’s hot enough to warrant rolling his sleeves up.

That, and the slightly raw area behind his neck that appears to be a lasered off version of the word ‘trust’, hints that underneath his suit, lies a rich tapestry of secrets.

More to come.


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