In breaking news that nobody except 99% of the world’s scientists could have predicted, it appears as though the country is yet again on fire.

Western Australia has been battling away against persistent and disastrous bushfires over the course of a month, while residents of both Tasmania’s wild north-west and Victoria’s Grampians are being met with extremely urgent evacuation orders.

With three fires wiping out 30,000 hectares of Western Australia just shortly after Christmas, Perth residents had little time to pause for breath before fires started again this week, this time in Hamersley.

This continues a rather harrowing new tradition of Australia becoming engulfed in flames come summer time, as humid and dry conditions provide the perfect environment for fires to fester. Though reported to be contained, firefighters suggest they’re not out of the woods yet, citing that the fire is not quite under control but hopefully that it’ll stabilise.

However, one person who’s reportedly not too happy about this recent development is Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who’s quickly running out of ideas on how to distract from his embattled leadership – but he did think the WeChat hacker story was a pretty good spin to keep the journos happy for the next couple days.

The Prime Minister’s Office has today confirmed Scotty was shown a bunch of travel ads after the bushfire warnings broke on his newsfeed, offering him a package deal at Trump International Hotel Waikiki – should he choose the preferred airline.
When queried why his feed would send him such specific ads, Scotty quickly hit back that he and Jenny had a shared account, so it was probably something she was looking at.
More to come.


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