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Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has had to use his ‘grumpy voice’ at a press conference in Canberra today.

After receiving no attention for running in and out of Parliament House 3 times in his exercise gear this morning, the man who lists Steven Bradbury as his idol decided to create some headlines the old fashioned way.

Giving a run of the mill press conference on the steps of the nation’s law-making building, the Big Bang fan Shorten began to notice the political reporters and camera people getting a little distracted.

Trying to inform them on something he was planning to say in the Budget Reply tonight, Shorten had to get a little bit snappy, and unleash his ‘angry Sheldon voice,’ after the group of media people began inspecting the grassy lawn in front of him.

“It’s not Buffalo Grass you uneducated numpty’s,” said a furious Shorten, interrupting the political team from the ABC who were analysing the incredible rate of growth of the grass out the front of ‘the house.’

“Now I’ve got something to say up here that’s more interesting and entertaining than watching grass grow, so pay attention before I drop a ‘Bazninga‘ on you.”

The reporters reportedly tried to focus their attention on the conference before inevitably drifting off again and asking Shorten’s Media Advisor if they could just send whatever he wanted to say in a press release.


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