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The nation has received it’s strongest indication yet that a federal election is looming.

The indication comes after Senior Liberal Senator Arthur Sinodinos took to Q & A last night to radically call for a raise to the Newstart payment.

On the eve of the budget, with an election now due to be called any time over the next fortnight, the Liberal senator made the hollow and vague call to raise unemployment benefits in an effort to be seen to be giving poor people things.

With the Nightwatchman’s government on the rocks after years of political infighting and turmoil, and the threat of an invasion of brown people on boats seemingly not working, it’s believed that some members are concerned they may lose their seats think they should be promising people doing it tough some things.

“Obviously we aren’t going to start promising money for public housing, or crack down on corporate tax evasion or force huge multinationals pillaging our natural resources to pay their fair share of royalties, but a little top up to people living on less that 40 bucks a day should hopefully bring a few people around,” Sinodinos told our reporters this morning.

“I mean obviously it won’t happen if we get re-elected but hopefully enough people see it and thing that maybe we are doing something about inequality in this country.”


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