When it comes to this weekend’s by-election in Eden-Monaro the Coalition has gone through a river shit to find a candidate.

After the binfire John Barilaro and Andrew Constance both putting their hands up and then being blackmailed out by their colleagues, the Liberal Party’s gruelling Eden-Monaro preselection process has finally delivered a candidate who loves religion and isn’t convinced by climate science.

As one of the most volatile swing seats in the nation, Eden-Monaro extends from the far South Coast of NSW, right through to the cross-border outskirts of Canberra. Making it one of the worst bushfire affected electorates in Australia.

It is for this reason that Prime Minister Morrison has directed Fiona Kotvojs to be seen and not heard, as any soundbites of her actual views towards climate change and homosexuality could actually undermine the wildly favourable Murdoch and Channel 9 coverage that is yet to profile any other candidate.

However, Kotvojs and her husband’s early 1990s Liberal Party ideologies appear to be harder to keep under wraps than previously expected.

Her views on homosexuality and gay marriage have been relayed right around social media this week, with backlash from the LGBTI community after Kotvojs was quoting saying “schools and organisations should be allowed to positively discriminate in employment for people who adhere to their beliefs on marriage”

Aside from standing up for the rights of Christian bakeries to not bake cakes for homosexuals, Kotvojs has also made it clear that she is one of those “the climate has always been changing” Sky News types. Which is a weird position to have after

Earlier this week Kotvojs went on record again to downplay the human contribution to climate change, and says reducing fuel is the only way to manage bushfires, in the bushfire ravaged electorate that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of residents.

When asked what else can be done to stop these recurring climate-change aided disasters outside of making sure that trees no longer drop leaves in Autumn, Kotvojs has proposed banning bushfires altogether, like they used to do with gay marriage, before the Liberal Party become a bunch of ABC watching lefties.


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