The NSW Labor are today taking their very few wins where they can, after the news that former state MP Eddie Obeid will be released on parole next month.

Eddie Obeid, who is far more of a household name than any of the last five generic white people to lead NSW Labor, has served three years behind bars for misconduct in public office.

The current NSW Labor leader, who will not be making any media until the next state election in three years time, is almost unidentifiable. As was the case with Mr ‘Asians are smarter than us and taking our jobs, and by us I mean white people‘ and the bald guy that got accused for sexually misconduct with a journalist.

Before that, it was the bald union guy that got rolled by the bald guy that got accused for sexual misconduct with a journalist.

Before that it was the woman with the American accent who played a big part in the Federal ALP’s landslide loss to Morrison a few months ago.

On top of all the current branding problems the NSW Labor Party are dealing with, the whole taking plastic ALDI shopping bags full of cash from Chinese nationals at their head Sydney office is a pretty bad look.

When taking the last 12 months of ICAC inquiries into Chinese influence over the party consideration, as well as the fact that they’ve managed to lose three elections to a Liberal government with a revolving door for state and deputy leaders who are also being hammered with corruption claims, its not surprise that the early release of Eddie Obeid might actually be a good thing for the party.

“At least we might get some shit done” said one disillusioned lifelong ALP voter whose been secretly thinking about voting for One Nation.

“He was always big on infrastructure and tourism…”

“He definitely wouldn’t have signed off on these lock out laws like the nameless blokes we’ve got in there now”


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