Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton, says the Morrison government should not be in the business of drumming up scare campaigns about African teenage gangs in Melbourne, following new poll numbers that suggest he’s probably going to get shafted from this seat he barely held onto last election.

“I just, I just think it’s all a bit of a beat up” says Dutton, in a clear backflip that goes against literally everything else he’s been saying for the last five years.

“I think, like many other young migrant waves, the South Sudanese have their own problems and they are no different to those that came before them. We should be focused on making them feel like they are part of our community, not vilifying them”

“Leave them alone. They are just kids”

“Some of my best mates are South Sudanese teenagers”

This comes a day after Dutton’s last back flip regarding the building of new coal-fired power stations, stating he believes taxpayers should not have to support upgrades to existing plants.

Dutton on Thursday faced a testy Ray Hadley for a weekly radio interview, where the outspoken coal advocate accused Dutton of being “too scared” to say Australia needed more power stations.

“Coal is yucky” said Dutton.

“It’s so bad for the environment! I implore the school students from the Dickson electorate to join me in the climate strike tomorrow!”

“Also, Manus and Nauru are bad, and I hate negative gearing!”


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