Peter Dutton has pleaded with the country to scrap it’s parliamentary democracy today, imploring Australians that he would be able to do so much more if he didn’t have to muck around with all the bureaucracy.

The Home Affairs Minister told Sky News earlier that parliament is “a disadvantage for sitting governments,” and has now gone one step further and floated the idea of scrapping it all together.

“How much better would it be if we (the government) just got elected and then just got to do heaps of cool stuff for 3 or 4 years without all the hassle of parliament,” he said to our reporters.

The former cop from the Sunshine State who isn’t very good at counting when he is under pressure explained that the country would be so much better of if blokes like he and Sco-Mo just had free reign without any checks and balances or transparency.

“If we didn’t have to do the whole parliament thing imagine how much helpful I could be? Nauru would be sorted, the encryption thing wouldn’t be a big deal, anyone who looks like a terrorist would be deported, this country would be humming.”

“Bill Shorten just caves on most of the shit we want to do anyway, so it really is a disadvantage having to go down to the hell hole that is Canberra to sit.”

Dutton admitted that it’s probably unrealistic to expect the country to do away with a pillar of its democracy but said it was something that we should think about.

“I don’t know, it would just be so much cooler that way,” he said.



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