In some heartbreaking news from the small island of Christmas, Peter Dutton has today called on the government’s conscience.

Speaking from the grounds of the Christmas Island Detention Centre, the Home Affairs Minister is begging to be treated with kindness and humanity.

This comes after the aspiring Prime Minister was locked up in the centre he used to control following his COVID-19 diagnosis.

“Basic human right’s should be universal,” said Dutton while holding up a protest sign a short time ago.

“I’m a human being”

“There’s nothing illegal about contracting the virus. Let me come to Australia,” said the former Queensland copper who left the force for some reason no one is allowed to speak about and is in the process of becoming a bit of human rights advocate.

It’s believed Dutton will be on the island for at least another 10 days or some after contracting the deadly virus and is concerned with the level of health care he is getting.

“I should be flown to the mainland for urgent medical attention. I don’t understand how we can deny people such basic human rights,” said the fired up detainee.

“This is so wrong. Australia should be better than this,” said the man who likes to make the bed he sleeps in.

Human rights advocates on the mainland are reportedly set to organise a march for his freedom at some point during this week.

More to come.


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