Peter Dutton has moved to uncross the wires of a few journalists this afternoon, after being questioned about his eligibility to sit in parliament.

Seeking to clarify the whole issue regarding him potentially not being constitutionally allowed to sit in parliament because he might benefit from the large child care centres operating out of a trust in his wife’s name, the Member for Dickson took some time to explain where everyone was getting mixed up.

“I’m all good to sit in parliament and my colleagues should continue pretending like this isn’t an issue that should potentially be examined, because it’s my mates who get the big childcare contracts, not me,” laughed Dutton this afternoon.

“I see where you’ve got yourselves all tangled up, and so I’m helping you untangle them so I don’t have to send in the Feds later on.”

“The big child care contracts are to my mates at Canstruct International to run Nauru, where we look after the kids, so you don’t have to worry about all the other stuff.”

Dutton then explained that it was all good that Canstruct International, a Brisbane-based firm and Liberal donor, who reportedly bid for the lucrative government contract to run the Nauru detention centre in 2017, despite no real experience in the area got the contract despite being the only tender in the process.

“Look I know everyone loves a story, but this is just Malcolm Turnbull trying to share some of his sour milk around with you all.”

“Let’s just forget about it and move on, I’m an eligible Parliamentarian and that’s the last I’ll be talking about it.”

“Under his eye,” he said before walking off.


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