Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has issued a powerful statement to the nation this week.

The new head of the government has moved to disarm some of his enemies in parliament, by pulling off a coordinated attack on the crossbench.

While attending the baptism of a family member at St Brigid’s Church in Marrickville, Albanese has reportedly had his henchmen assassinate the various enemies of the Labor family.

The assignations were in the form of political staffing cuts, with the Don slashing crossbench staffers from 4 advisors to 1, and refusing to allow the Greens to hire any more senior advisers despite having an extra 4 representatives in parliament.

Albanese reportedly told the priest that he ‘renounces Satan,’ just as the trigger was being pulled on a number of political assassinations across the country.

It’s believed Albanese has moved to kneecap the independents and Greens after the families grew in power to the point where they were moving in on Labor territory around the nation.

The heads of the different families like Jacqui Lambie, David Pocock, Monique Ryan, and One Nation have voiced their fury at the assassinations, claiming that the move is a blatant attack on democracy.

With staffing cuts, the different families say they will be unable to properly assess legislation, research issues, and negotiate with the government.

That outcome seems an interesting one, given the public voted in huge numbers for people who don’t belong to major parties, however, it seems Don Albanese has moved to try and secure power in a more long-term sense.

The Don refused to comment when contacted by The Advocate.

More to come.


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