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Greens Leader Richard Di Natale had a prolonged moment of introspection this afternoon as he scrolled through his social media feed.

The period of self-analysis and soul-searching came just moments ago as the former VFL player and current new age man got three back to back Coachella shots from a few of his old friends.

“Fuck that looks good doesn’t it,” he sighed, showing the The Advocate a photo of a dreadlocked middle aged white man in some Peruvian looking attire standing out in the Californian desert.

“So many of my old mates are over there getting bent without a worry in the world, and I’m here trying to deal with the morons that make up this Parliament,” he said taking a sip from his tumeric and ginger lemon Kombucha.

“There are days when it’s worth it, and then there a days when the Prime Minister does a Borat impression which just make you wonder why you didn’t just throw it all in and head of to Cali for a few weeks.”

“I’m a doctor you know? Not an actual PhD fake one, I don’t have to do this like some of these other career politicians.”

Di Natale then took a big breath, had a sniff of some essential oils he had stashed away in his coat pocket and pulled himself together.

“I’m alright, just an existential moment, we all have em,” Di Natale said.

We confirmed that that was indeed the case.

“I’ll give them a call when they’re back and scat as all fuck, and then I’ll take my turn to rub it in their face and throw them into an existential crisis.”


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