The Prime Minister has moved to quash any doubts still cast over his ‘blokiness’ today.

Scott Morrison the caretaker PM from the Shire, did so by leaning against his campaign bus in Townsville today and taking a slurp from his protein shake.

Taking a smoko break from his busy day of working Australian slang into his campaigning, Morrison decided to treat himself to some Cookies and Cream Ultra Mass Gainer.

“[Ha ha] I love this new flavour man,” he said to our reporters, rolling the shaker over and over like any good jock.

“That’s bloody grouse. So good. I could drink this shit all day.”

“Had a big chest session last night brah, got a real swole on. So gotta get some proey into me aye,” he then said before showing our reporters the profile of some influencer he had just come across on Instagram.

Scott Morrison’s media advisor told The Advocate that the newfound angle of bloke campaigning had been paying dividends so far.

“I mean we are pretty much gone in this election,” the advisor said.

“But News [Ltd] have told us that they’ll do their best to try and swing this thing, and if we turn the bloke-o-meter right up we could be in with a sneaky chance.”

“I think we might be getting him a sleeve tomorrow.”




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