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High ranking Liberal and prominent South Australian Christopher has today spent the afternoon getting his affairs in order.

After a busy morning trying to do his best to prevent the Government from self-destructing as badly as possible, Pyne decided to take the afternoon off to celebrate the big news coming out of Sweeden today.

The man who famously confessed his love for the band ABBA on the orderly clapathon that is Q&A, told The Advocate today that he was ecstatic about the news that the big name pop group are releasing two more songs this year.

“I’ve whacked on the biggest hits, poured my self a nice glass of Barossa Shiraz and am setting about getting my outfit ready for what will be the biggest night of the year,” said Pyne about the band that’s sent plenty of hearts over the age of 50 a flutter.

“I hope it’s more Fernando than Money Money Money, if you know what I mean.”

“I just wish they were releasing more than two songs. Oh well, I’ll be out of this shithole (Canberra) by then so it’s going to be a perfect night.”

“Everything’s looking up hey.”


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