As the moderate Liberal voter base continues bleeding out to Independent candidates with catastrophic momentum, inner-city MPs from Melbourne and Sydney are now sitting ducks for a wave of change.

This comes as the Morrison Government’s 2022 re-election campaign has been rocked by a dark horse that no one could have predicted while they spent months avoiding a Net Zero commitment and trying their hardest to avoid what was happening in the Solomon Islands.

A group of mostly female Independent candidates are currently polling miles ahead of some of Morrison’s most under-utilised and ignored moderate MPs, such as Dave Sharma, Tim Wilson, Trent Zimmerman, Jason Fallinksi – and even Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.

However, it’s Dave Sharma, the Member For Wentworth, who appears to be the most scared. As he stares down the possibility of losing the electorate to the Independent candidate Allegra Spender and her thousands of committed volunteers.

Sharma has even resorted to reporting volunteers for putting placards on telegraph poles – which is apparently not allowed this year – and has ordered Ausgrid employees to cut them down, because it is just unacceptable to see a face that isn’t his as you drive down New South Head road.

As the Liberal Party once again wheels out John Howard to warn his once rusted-on base against using critical thinking skills and remaining loyal to Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce – the Spender campaign has found an an unexpected ally in the shape of Sir Robert Katter III – a man who pioneered the role played by Indepedents in Parliament House.

While campaigning somewhere in the Eastern Suburbs today, Allegra Spender received a phone call from a Queensland landline.

“Electra. Is that you darl?” asked the excited voice on the other end.

“Listen I just wanted to call you to say…”



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