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Labor leader Bill Shorten has this week been recognised for having the most defined forehead creases in the Australian political arena, after finally knocking off media personality and former forehead heavyweight Barrie Cassidy.

Cassidy, a veteran Australian political journalist, as well as a radio and television host and presenter and commentator for the ABC, gracefully conceded defeated on Twitter late last night.

“Bill must be under the pump” he wrote.

“He’s squeezed in two more creases just this year alone. Very impressive. I now hand over the reigns”

The current host of the Sunday morning political commentary program Insiders told the Betoota Advocate that forehead creases are part and parcel with working for the Labor Party, stating that his ones first came to light as the personal media advisor for former Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

“The job can be stressful” he says.

“The divisiveness of the factions and power struggles are a big part of the creases”

“Personally mine were formed during the last days of the Hawke Government, when Keating was doing everything he could to take the job”

Cassidy went on to draw paralells between the unspoken animosity between Hawke and Keating, and the current challenges posed by his arch-nemesis, Anthony Albanese.

“I suspect that a similar thing is happening for Bill right now. Albo is coming around the bend, and Bill isn’t looking like he could lead the party to an election win”



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