Former Labor Leader Bill Shorten is back in the spotlight today, after making a rather curious request.

The loser of two federal elections has reportedly asked his colleagues and some prominent figures in the media if it might be worth asking for a recount of both ballots.

This comes following Donald Trump’s refusal to concede the election defeat, despite everyone outside of a few people in his inner circle and some rusted-on voters telling him the whole democratic process probably wasn’t rigged this time around.

With Trump successfully getting a recount in the state of Georgia, the loser of the unlosable election here in Australia has today decided to try his like.

In typical Bill Shorten form, the man who ran a campaign on a few vague policies that he did an incredibly poor job of articulating apparently asked Albo and the shadow cabinet if they thought maybe we should as for Queensland to be recounted for the last two elections.

“I don’t, it’s just everyone in the media and our party thought we were going to win despite the fact we didn’t offer much of an alternative vision for our nation which is very much at an economic and social crossroads,” explained Shorten today.

“So, maybe the election was rigged?”

“And the fact we didn’t really go hard on Labor values in a political climate where the vast majority of working-class people are concerned for their futures didn’t decide it?”

“So we should do a recount just in case it wasn’t the fact that Australian people are dumb,” he said in typical Labor hack fashion, blaming the people for his party’s failures.

The Labor party is yet to comment on the suggestion.

More to come.


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