Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce says his personal experience of struggling to make ends meet on $211,000 has given him a greater insight into the adversities faced by povo Australians.

The former deputy prime minister says that he’s been forced into some humiliating life hacks ever since his half a million dollar a year salary was halved when he had to stand down from his cabinet positions because he was doing things that directly contradicted his party’s staunch adherence to conservative Christian family values.

The Red Rooter says that he’s taken to turning off the heater at night, butchering his own sheep for meat and rarely eats out on his own dime to make ends meet.

In fact, things are so grim, that the member for New England has had to ask his personal driver to only fill his commonwealth provided vehicle up with E10 petrol.

“Do you know how expensive it is to be a young father in 2019?” said Joyce.

“Well, imagine being a young father as well an old father at the same time

“It’s fucken fucked”

The New England MP, who now has six children, also told the media that he is so ‘skint’ that he considers buying a cup of coffee a treat, like a normal person.

“Have you ever had to fly Tiger?” he asked.

“I have to fly tiger for every non-work-related flight. Which isn’t many, because I can justify meetings everywhere. But say, for example, if Vikki and I wanna take the boys to Coolum for the holidays, we have to now fly Tiger”

“The fact that I have to spend Christmas at Coolum now says it all”


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