Barnaby Joyce sent Angus Taylor scuttling last night it can be confirmed.

The Member for New England caused the Energy Minister to trip over his own chair before scrambling out of the Coalition government’s Halloween Party last night.

The scene was met with raucous laughter after Barnaby revealed himself as the man behind the prank.

This comes after the water license’s investor Taylor was forced to ‘unreservedly apologise’ to the Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore for using falsified figures to launch a public attack on her climate record.

It was revealed that Taylor’s office had relied on figures that grossly inflated the council’s expenditure on travel during the attack over Sydney Council’s declaration of a climate emergency earlier this year.

After initially intending to haze the under fire Coalition Minister with an Irrigation Water Meter, Barnaby said he was glad he went to the effort of dressing up as Sydney’s Lord Mayor instead.

“Holy shit, that was all time,” laughed the former Deputy Prime Minister.

“They way he spilt the beer all over himself when he was trying to run out of the room,” continued Barnaby before bursting back into laughter.

“Fantastic. Great move. Well done Angus,” he then said before losing control of his laughter for good.

Angus Taylor was unavailable for comment on the matter.


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