A ‘highly educated Asian’ who has had no problem finding unskilled work in Sydney since he arrived in Australia to study aeronautical engineering three years ago, says he couldn’t say no to the opportunity of taking a part time job that could have gone to a stay-at-home daughter of a State Politician.

“This is great for me” he said.

“While all of these entitled white kids are down in Melbourne dancing until the early hours and having fun, I’m studying and enjoying the fruits of my 12-hour shifts as a glassie at the Rooty RSL”


But according to NSW Leader Of The Opposition, Michael Daley, it’s not that funny.

He says young people are leaving Sydney, and it’s because of the cost of living in the boomerstani capital, meaning the jobs they would have are going to ‘young people with PHDs, typically from Asia’.

It is not yet clear how exactly Mr Daley was attempting to blame the foreigners who are moving into these vacant employment opportunities for the jobs being left vacant to begin with.

One thing is that is for sure, he appears to be struggling with the transition into an empty nester, after revealing that he’d like his 27-year-old daughter to be living at home with him at the pubs that close at 8:30pm, and not in St Kilda with the 24-hour-public transport and a youth culture that isn’t beholden to noise complaints from old wealth-hoarding cunts who decided to retire in a densely metropolitan area.

He says it’s because of the Asians.

“It’s not a bad thing because Asian kids are coming to work here, it’s a bad thing because I’d like my daughter to be living in Maroubra rather than St Kilda,” he said on conservative talkback radio station 2GB yesterday, where he somehow even managed to offend Ray Hadley’s listeners.

“Asians are to blame for all of this”

“Except the Asians that are thinking about buying my cosy three-bedder investment property in Maroubra”


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