Former Deputy Prime Minister and the current Member for Grayndler, Anthony Albanese MP has today fronted the media after some onkgray scuffed his new cream coloured Nike TNs at a music event in Sydney’s outer inner west.

The Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development, says he knew exactly what had happened when some no hoper stood on the front of his shoes while watching a Sydney hip hop act an all-ages club night in Hurstville over the weekend.

“I’m so off it” Albanese told reporters.

“I had those things for like a week. It’s like, fuck me, watch where you are walking you gronks”

Albanese says that while the coalition MPs self-implode, he’s just trying his best to look half-decent while , and then someone goes

“One issue over which there is bipartisan agreement in Australia is that you should respect peoples personal space at a gig and like, try your best to not be a grub and step on someone’s shoes”

“He’s lucky I didn’t go full Marrickville on him and bust my longy over his head”

“For fucks sake. I’ve tried cleaning it this morning and it’s just full on stained. What an absolute punish”



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