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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has certainly had a jam packed week, having met on his promises to increase the minimum wage, sign Australian Government’s new target to cut emissions by 43% by 2030 and having an incredibly heartwarming meeting with the Nadesalingam family who have finally returned home to the Biloela community.

With so much going on, it’s understandable that Albanese may not be across the less important news, such as the end of the OG web browser Internet Explorer or social media going absolutely rabid over the first look at Ryan Gosling’s Twink style Ken in the upcoming Barbie movie (which is actually extremely important news depending on who you ask).

So when he finally took a breather to attend to some office admin, Albanese was frustrated to find his internet failed to work – angrily clicking the Internet Explorer icon a few times before wandering into the room adjacent to enquire what was going on.

“Is this energy crisis affecting our WiFi?”, asks Albo, as everyone looked up with a blank expression, “is anyone else having issues connecting?”

“Nothing’s happening?”

When one of the newest recruits enquires if he’s seeing a dinosaur, Albo looks even more confused.

“What? A dinosaur? Why would I be seeing a dinosaur?”

“Maybe my computer’s stuffed.”

Beckoning the nearest millennial, Albo leads them to his office and shows them the issues he’s having.

“See? It’s blank.”

Though the staffer was able to explain that Internet Explorer had now been retired by Microsoft, Albo was unfortunately forced to buy another computer, as he didn’t have a browser option available to download Chrome.

More to come.


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