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THE PRODUCERS from ABC’s Four Corners are have revealed that they’re unsure which industry they’d like to derail next.

The productions team at Four Corners reported enjoys being "fuck wits" PHOTO: NT News
The productions team at Four Corners reportedly enjoy being “fuckwits”. PHOTO: NT News

Earlier this week, the news and current affairs programme aired a story which exposed systematic and brutal cruelty within Australia’s greyhound racing community – which has led to widespread condemnation by both animals rights groups and the public.

The report on live-bating in the greyhound racing scene is expected to trigger a knee-jerk reaction by the government, which will more than likely result in a band-aid solution that appeases the public’s pleas for something to be done.

The Walkley-baiting Four Corners exposé on the abhorrent treatment of Australian cattle in an Indonesian “abattoir” in 2011, forced the Gillard government to effectively wiped-out the entire live export trade between Australia and Indonesia – crippling cattle producers in the northern half of the country.

Jack Verner is fed up with the ABC and their bullshit. PHOTO: NT News
Jack Verner is fed up with the ABC and their bullshit. PHOTO: NT News

Jack Verner is the director of the Western Australia Cattleman’s Association.

“Can’t say I’m surprised they’re at it again,” said Mr Verner.

“When will those shiraz-sucking, stubble-bearded, socialist fuckwits in Ultimo learn that their actions have consequences?”

“It’s like we’re dealing with a bunch of children. They just don’t understand. They fucked our industry right up… and now they’re gonna do the same to the greyhound community,”

“It’s irre-fucking-sponsible.” he said.

In the years leading up to the live export ban, over 90% of all cattle in northern Australia were destined to spent their twilight months at Indonesian feedlots.

Nonetheless, the live export ban turned an entire industry on its head overnight, which drastically affected the lives of hundreds of thousands – a phenomenon yet to be seen in greyhound racing as their community begins to implode.

Media commentators and analysts have speculated since Tuesday morning about which industry will be the next to fall in to the ABC’s crosshairs.

Many have suggested that the next head on the chopping block will be the polo associations – which have been known to ride horses with such gusto and vitality that the ponies themselves begin to sweat profusely and pant rapidly.

Polo also lands within two of the ABC’s most popular targets – the wealthy and animal cruelty.

“We’re excited to see what the future holds for us.” said one producer.

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  1. You don’t get it do you…..if there was no cruelty or welfare issues; there would be no problems. Jack Verner is a protectionist ostrich with his head in the sand. If he really did care for the cattle in the industry and the cattle people in it; he would have looked into the conditions in Indonesia himself and beaten the Animal welfare people to the problem. As it is; real issues did/do exist overseas and changes have been put in place.

    I am a farmer and farmers need to look at their own operations and others about them critically; and be prepared to say “this is not right” and put changes in place, so there are no Welfare Concerns. Many farmers wouldn’t know what the codes of practices are for their particular industry.

    There is no point targeting or name calling the ABC when the problems exist in our rural industries and sports.

    • No Peter, you don’t get it! You’re no farmer , you’re a nancy boy who probably lives in inner city Sydney … from me and the rest of Australia’s real blokes , we’d like to send you packing back to the pavillion with a big don’t argue and a schooie of XXXX to the face!

  2. I’m glad that Australia has produced a large population of UN – EDUCATED EXPERTS!! In every industry there is a % of rebels, let the industries cull them it is not the place of 4 corners or uneducated experts to sign the death or whole industries in half the information.

  3. As a retired farmer and grazier I commend Peter Clarke on his comments , it is refreshing that we still have rational thinkers in the industry .
    Jack Verner’s alledged statement paints a picture of the rock the rural industry has perished on for several decades . So many of those who have their heads in the sand , forget what they leave sticking up and the representation is similar .
    Had these so called reps been fulfilling their commission there would have been no need for Lynne White to have lifted a finger , let alone a camera .
    The bums need to wake up .


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