Man caught googling “Allah-Las” arrested

20 October, 2014. 14:29 GREG KNAPMANN | National Security Reporter | [email protected] AN ADELAIDE MAN is in police custody after using the internet to download information regarding US band "Allah-Las". South Australia Police says the early morning raid was the culmination of over a years work. "It was a bipartisan operation between SA Police and the Federal Police," says police spokesman Aaron Downing. The...

New Start dole bludgers to be sent to fight in Syria

11 October, 2014. 13:22 ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | [email protected] #BREAKING #auspol THE PLAN to send the unemployed youth of Australia to fight in the Middle East has been passed through the lower house unopposed by Labor. The legislation outlines that in order for one to receive the government benefit, they must complete a six-month combat tour of the war-torn region. NewStart recipients are...



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