Kyle Sandilands to replace The Doctor at Triple J

October 17, 2014. 15:36 BOTH KIIS 106.5fm and JJJ have confirmed today that Lindsay 'The Doctor' Mcdougall will be replaced by radio tycoon Kyle Sandilands following his departure from JJJ on December 11th, after ten years in the reigns. In a quote from Sandilands' management: "Kyle has said he used to listen to JJJ when he was a homeless kid in Brisbane's...

Students at the centre of “Pano-gate” break their silence.

14 October, 2014. 13:21 ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | [email protected] TALES OF love and redemption are emerging from the "Mitchell Seven", who stand accused of defacing Australia's most iconic motorsport monument. The group is expected to plead guilty at their first hearing. Lawyers for the seven men have asked that they be charged under the Summary Offences Act 1988, which include offensive language...



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