Local woman Anita Goodman (31) has always described herself as unlucky in love.

That was until her friends set her up on blind date with local police officer Constable Reid Wodsapp last night.

Anita says she has no idea that she had actually met Reid at a barbecue three years, and he says he’s had an eye for her ever since.

Throughout the evening, the charming law enforcer impresses over and over again with his intuition. Starting off by ordering Anita’s favourite bottle of wine, before revealing that they both share the exact same taste in music and TV shows.

This comes after horrific findings were leaked during the parliamentary joint committee on intelligence and security’s review of the mandatory data retention law, which has been in place since 2015.

Under the legislation, call records, IP addresses and other previously encrypted metadata is held by telecommunications companies for two years. A vast number of government agencies, including state and federal police, are now in a position where they don’t need a warrant to access the once the private digital movements of Australian citizens.

In total, the AFP has admitted to accessing metadata close to 20,000 times in the 2017-2018 financial year.

However, Australia’s increasingly dystopian police state is the last thing on Anita’s mind tonight, as her blind date continues to hit the mark with his ‘favourite baby names’ – and his in-depth understanding of her complex career description as a customer experience professional in the biomedical equipment industry.

“Oh my gosh” says Anita Goodman.

“I feel like we’ve known each other for ages!”

“You totally get me!”


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