A local woman is basking in the sweet, sweet glow of freedom today. 

This comes courtesy of the good people at H&R Block, who helped the local woman complete her first ever tax return without the fear of jail hanging over her head. 

Sophie Mullins explained to The Advocate that it feels so incredibly refreshing to hit submit on a tax return without having that sinking feeling that she’s going to have to start ducking sharpened tooth brushes in the big house. 

“No Orange is The New Black era for me,” laughed Sophie, who despite entering her second decade of being an adult, still hasn’t wrapped her head around things like tax returns and car registration. 

“Yeah, this was the year I decided fuck it, I’m putting someone else on the line and getting someone who knows what they are doing to sort me out.” 

“H&R Block are a household name, so I thought it was time to be a big girl and get someone to do my tax return properly,” she laughed. 

“They give ‘got their shit together vibes’ don’t you reckon” said Sophie. 

Although she can name every single plot line in every single season of the Gilmore Girls, Soph explained that she still can’t quite wrap her head around how exactly capital gains tax works. 

“I just want someone to nail all the random deductions for me and get money in my account haha.” 

“And I had a bit more of a tricky tax return after I made a bit of coin off my stocks and crypto.” 

“Plus I need to claim a heap of things for a cheeky little side hustle I got hehe.” 

“So, this was the year to call the big guns in, and I’m never going back. They even managed to turn my new handbag into a tax deductible work item!

“At tax time I normally yoyo between thinking I’ve committed a white-collar crime and I’ve just left so much money on the table.” 

And Sophie said seeing the estimated return when she hit submit had her feeling like she’d committed tax fraud. 

“Seeing that number, and knowing I don’t need to fear jail time when I get that MyGov message….”

“Priceless haha.” 

“So I’m going out tonigghtttt,” she said, finishing the interview and diving into a lengthy online shopping sesh before hitting the town.


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