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Fear has turned the blood of a young Betoota woman cold today as she waits in line at Betoota International Airport.

While she hasn’t got a criminal record and has literally nothing to worry about, a bag of cocaine she bought over a year ago has suddenly popped into mind.

“What happened to that bag?” Alana Styles frantically wondered to herself.

The Advocate has it on good authority that Alana and her friends finished the bag in question on the night they purchased it, however, that fact seems to have escaped Alana as she grows increasingly anxious in the line at security.

Not wanting to draw attention to herself, even though as a young white woman she didn’t draw attention in the first place, Alana subtly opened her wallet and checked every slip and crevice.

“Phew” she thought.

Despite not finding the bag anywhere in her wallet, Alana still walked through security praying to god that she didn’t get pulled up.

Reports from the airport say that she was heard saying “woohoo” to herself after she got through.

More to come.


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