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Brisbane’s West End has just launched an exciting new festival, which has inner city creatives and public servants incredibly excited this week.

In a real sign of the times, the hippy capital of the state is hosting a giant Tofu/Tempeh Week – which they hope will one day take over from Rockhampton’s Beef Week.

“It’s already the largest plant-based meat substitute event in the whole of the Southern Hemisphere,” explained lead organiser Vee Gahn.

The event which features a vast array of products designed to taste like meat but don’t, has been purposely timed to run alongside the famous Rockhampton Beef Week which draws crowds of over 100,000 to the event.

“And guess what, we aren’t promoting the slaughter of animals,” laughed Vee Gahn today about the new meat-free festival.

“We’ve got all sorts of climate friendly plant based products that will be displayed throughout the week and we have plenty of exciting events.”

“Producers will be displaying their best Tofu as part of The Champion Soy Bean Breeding Parade on Friday, so if you want to see 800-900kgs of prime Tofu getting around, make sure you get down there for that.”

“There will be the Fiery Tempeh Slam Poetry event, and plenty more.”

“And off course we’ll have plenty of Kombucha, Kefir and Craft beer flowing from all the taps.”

The event is set to run until Saturday night, where it will conclude with the Annual Soy Lobby Gala Dinner.


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