A local woman is today micro-dosing on dopamine to get herself through the day.

Bethany Williams is doing so by drip feeding herself tiny hits of the neurotransmitter, through a lovely little holiday throwback.

The tiny releases of dopamine comes courtesy of the frequent buzzes from the likes on her Throwback Thursday post from Wimbledon 2019.

“I needed something lol,” said Beth, currently muddling her way through the winter malaise with no holiday or break in sight.

Unable to hit the picturesque beaches of Greece, Italy, Croatia or the trendy new coastal regions of Albania, Beth says she has been somewhat starved of IG content of late.

With her feed jam packed full of friends posting quirky captions from their overseas holidays, or grinding in the gym during winter, Beth said she thought she’d harvest a few double taps in the mindless scrolls.

“Look, I might have posted that photo of me enjoying 50 pounds worth of strawberries, cream and Pimms while I watched a 142nd rank Croatian play some South American I can’t remember the name of, but it’s a good photo,” laughed Beth.

“It deserves another run haha.”

At the time of posting Beth had chalked up nearly 50 likes on the post, with a couple of fire emojis from the gals in the comments section.

“Pretty good for a dreary Thursday if you ask me.”

When asked whether she might dust it off for 2025, Beth laughed.

“Depends if I go overseas or not. If I don’t it will be coming out.”

More to come.


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