The nation has been reminded again today that anyone feeling unwell, or who has come into contact with anyone feeling unwell, or who has been in a suburb where people have contracted the virus should be staying at home.

The calls come as Victoria faces it’s the darkest day yet with 723 new cases and 13 deaths, with Premier Daniel Andrews claiming people are still going to work even if they should be isolating.

Concern has since been raised, that maybe our labour system and the state of household income in the country might be in a bit of strife if huge amounts of people feel they have to go to work, regardless of whether they should be isolating or not.

While JobSeeker and JobKeeper cover plenty of adults, the fact that plenty of people are still slipping through and can’t afford to miss just one week of income if they are to stay above the breadline, has seemingly pushed countless people into pushing the boundaries.

“It’s simple, just stay home if you feel unwell or think you may have come into contact with someone,” explained Dan Andrews this morning as if everyone works from home or is secure enough to put food on the table for their family regardless of lost income.

“If you are doing it tough and working one of those jobs that is a victim of casualisation, just get a predatory payday loan that charges like 50% interest to get you over the week you have to take off, and then try and pay it off before you have to inevitably isolate again at some point down the track because you work near the front line in cleaning, or labouring or retail.”

Those comments have this morning been received well by Dandenong mother of three high school teenagers and industrial cleaner Susan Jurić, who said she’s receiving the message loud and clear.

“I live paycheque to paycheque every week with a bit of help from the government for the kids, who believe it or not are pretty expensive,” she began.

“I don’t drink, smoke or gamble and live very modestly, but unfortunately I am on casual shift work which can be pretty inconsistent, that I need to make ends meet and provide for the kids.”

“But yeah I’m going to just forgo some valuable paycheques because my someone at my son’s school who he didn’t really have any contact with tested positive.”

“I’ve seen all those ads to get payday loans and they look really easy, so I’ll just do that.”


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