A man who is well-known for listening to the concerns and advice of blackfellas has today criticised the Greens for not listening to the concerns and advice of blackfellas.

Barnaby Joyce says the policies of the Greens have increased the bushfire threat, as he claims a lack of hazard reduction burning has helped fuel fires in regional NSW and Queensland.

Just like his management of the Murray-Darling basin, and his own drought-ravaged electorate, Mr Joyce says he would have been able to stop these bushfires if the Greenies didn’t get in the way of his 80,000-year-old back-burning models.

The former deputy prime minister says that the environmentalist party who have no elected officials in the lower house in NSW and are at best considered a minor party federally, are responsible for the current deadly bushfires ravaging New South Wales and Queensland, because ‘there were too many regulations around controlled burning ahead of bushfire season’.

He said climate change action in Australia would do nothing to reduce the bushfire risk unless there was also action taken by China, India and the United States – or any other countries that purchases fairly unclean Australian coal from tax-evading multinational mining corporations whose interests are championed in Parliament House by Sydney University Old Boys who have literally been laughing about water lapping at the door of our Pacific neighbours for the better part of a decade.

Mr Joyce said it was “infuriating” the Greens were attempting to score political points by saying the government’s “inaction” on climate change had contributed to the fires that climate change caused.

“Back burning” he says.

“Aboriginal back burning”

“This has nothing to do with climate change”

“Bloody Greenies”

“They are stopping us from listening to the blackfellas”

These comments mark an intelligent new level of climate change debate in Australia, with the National Party now willing to acknowledge ancient Aboriginal land management techniques over the effects of accelerating our emissions and fossil fuel exports despite grave warnings from 99% of the world’s scientists.


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