After having already tried his luck with the Australia Day debate, religious freedoms, Muslims not condemning terrorists and the national security risk posed by social media – it appears there are only a few more stereotypical populist cliches that Prime Minister Morrison can pull out of his sleeve before everyone tunes out of politics over Christmas.

After spending the last fortnight being pinballed around Parliament by a growing crossbench and a right-wing faction within his own party, Scott Morrison has only a short window in the 2018 calendar year to accuse the PC police of trying to ban Christmas.

As a devout Christian and an an increasingly noisy populist, Morrison is in a perfect position to take advantage of middle Australia’s nostalgia and appreciation for this time of the year, by accusing ‘lefties’ of trying to take it away from them.

However a ‘War On Christmas’ isn’t the only play left in his book. Political analysts say ScoMo could also make a run at how a lack of coal will see old people being unable to afford to turn on their air conditioning this summer.

Failing that, the Prime Minister could accuse Lebanese teenagers of ruining the atmosphere at Cronulla beach over the holidays, and send text messages to all of his mates encouraging them to bash wogs on sight.


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