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No one knows what makes Mt Quilby so rough.

Just two hours south as the crow flies from the Betoota CBD, one could easily mistake Mt Quilby as being part of a different, significantly more violent, world.

Perhaps it is due to the cement works skipping town, leaving half the town out of work and sans fingernails.

Maybe it’s the underfunded hospital/library/police station being unable to actively care for, educate and arrest the town’s predominantly jobless youth.

Australian poet Jack McGraugh once wrote of Mt Quilby, “May God wish ill upon Mt Quilby, for the town his eyes see not.”

That is until today.

New woodfired pizza joint Hangry Gus’s has opened in the former site of Mt Quilby Family Medical spelling an end to the era of violence in Queensland’s stab capital. 

“This is great news for the town,” stated Mayor and two-up merchant Garth Guiness.

“Gus actually comes from the city and he makes the pizza with fresh ingredients and fire and shit! One bite of these bad boys and the only thing you’ll wanna cut is another slice!” 

Guinness hopes that the new pizza joint will attract city types who are looking to bust their hunger on a $28 pizza after a long day of sweating it through the channel country. 

“They don’t even have a TV in the cafe, doesn’t get more gourmet [sic] than that!”

UPDATE: At the time of writing Hangry Gus’s has survived their first break in, with thieves getting away with their cash, alcohol and pizza oven.


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