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With the first working from home week for most of Betoota’s big businesses drawn to a close, there are some interesting learnings starting to emerge, the main one being the abhorrent living conditions of coworkers.

“In an office, people can scrub up and put on a persona, but video chats people can’t hide” explains Josie Smith, a young lawyer who reached out to The Advocate to share her story.

“You think you know a person, but then you see in their home and realise you don’t know them at all”

“My boss had sheets for curtains, I was not expecting that”

It’s not just people’s living conditions that are surprising colleagues, but also the clear lack of care people are going to when getting ready for work in their home office.

“I’ve never seen so many 5 O’clock shadows and Hawaiian shirts”

This working from home thing is only in the very beginning stages, but if things continue going the way they are we may even see a baby be born via video.

More to come.


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