The former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia has cast himself back into the headlines again today after calling for a drastic action to contain a potential threat to pub feeds around the nation.

Barnaby Joyce told The Betoota Advocate just moments ago that he will be calling for an urgent recall on all Club Sandwiches across Australia, after finding sharp objects lodged inside a counter meal at the White Bull Hotel in Armidale.

Similar to the Steak Sanger, The ‘Club’ is a sandwich which is believed to have originated from mens clubs in New York, but has spread to menus around the world over the last century,

Seething with rage, Joyce told us that for the safety of the nation there must be a halt on all serving of the famous sandwiches.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Joyce said.

“I had a bite of my meal and got pricked in the mouth because there was some wooden spike lodged in the middle of it.”

“It’s lucky I was switched on and hadn’t been on the squirt, otherwise I would’ve probably finished the thing with a wooden spike lodged in my mouth” Joyce said.

The pub at the centre of the allegations said they tried to convince the seething Nationals representative that the sharp object was part of the meal itself, and traditionally holds the sandwich together.

“He wasn’t having any of it though” the publican said.

“He was worked up into a rage about club sanger terrorism and just said he’d be calling for a ban on them in future.”

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