A local man has today spoken to The Betoota Advocate about the good life he’s currently living.

The recently employed architect here in Betoota’s Old City District told us that thanks to a new full time job, he’s enjoy currently the perks of his labour.

Ripping into a 6 dollar sushi roll from the budget hole in the wall sushi joint down the road, Bert Derrick reckons things are pretty sweet right now.

“Certainly makes a change from the 4 dollar banh mi,” laughed the full time employed man who went to the pub for the first time in his life without sussing whether there were any drink deals on.

“I think I’ve had enough of the nameless crushed animal parts that were on those budget rolls for a little while,” he explained.

“Look, they got me through uni, and that was great, but I’m enjoying living like a king haha,” he laughed, pointing his chopsticks to the nameless crushed fish parts in his California roll.

Bert then explained to us that his new job title really has him feeling like a grown up.

“I called in sick to work the other day,” he continued.

“And got paid!!!!!!”

“It was awesome.”

“I’m sure I’ll miss the chat on site at some point, but right now, I’m life’s good.”

No more to come.


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