The first family member to pull the pin on a light lunch today has made a point of cheerfully giving two toots of the horn as he doubles back from a u-turn at the end of nan’s cul-de-sac.

Uncle Todd, who actually owns a pretty tidy car in the shape of one of those wagon Holdens, can’t stay all arvo, mainly because he lives the furthest away and because there will be a bit of traffic by the time everyone else starts heading home.

Todd appears to have pre-planned this early exit, by being the first here to help Nan with moving some stuff around the back yard and even giving the gutters on the Titan shed a bit of a sweep.

After cleaning and firing up the barbecue and going hard on the beers for the first hour, before tapering down to only one per hour for every hour after the first hour, Todd is able to pull off a guilt-free getaway back to his rendered brick palace in Betoota Heights – where he will no doubt spend the rest of the evening watching True Detective in his air-conditioned home cinema that flash bastard.

It is not yet known what he’s got coming up for work this week, because as he mentioned earlier, work is a bit slow at this time of the year and most people don’t really think about sound-proofing their glass until at least a month before tax time.

Uncle Rick, an in-law who lives down the street and will be walking home actually didn’t get the chance to see Toddy off, but before he could finish asking where Todd went, the double honk had already rung out down the street.

“Oh he’s off already is he” said Uncle Rick.

“Wanted to ask him how works going”


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