A worn out local man has succumbed to his tired brain today.

Speaking to us out the front of the Betoota Ponds servo on a mild summer’s evening, Rick Harvey nods to the two softie’s in his hands.

“Had to fill up, and it’s been a big day at work,” he sighed.

“I’m as depleted as a three year old iPhone after a gentle morning of occasional use, and I’ve got a real sting for something a little bit sweet.”

The rapidly ageing bloke who desecrated his body last night and had to work today said he just needed a pick me up.

“How can you walk past a 2fa deal like that,” he said motioning back inside to the deal on the fridge window.

“Two Bundaberg ginger beers for 4 bucks, I mean come on.”

“One would set me back like 3.50, and I know that’s how these servos and convenience stores get ya, but tacking an extra one on for like 50 cents seems the financially responsible thing to do.”

“Besides, it’s Valentine’s Day so I’m going to treat myself to a bit of self care, order a big meal in for one, and I’ll polish off the other ginger beer with that.”

“I’m thinking of a big Indian feed.”

“Or maybe Thai with a few springies and some fish cakes”

“Worlds my oyster I guess,” he said trundling back to his car at the bowser.

Our reporter then bid him farewell and continued on in his quest to buy 3 bags of chips and/or lollies for 10 bucks himself.


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