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Built-in Wardrobe installer Barry Hotchkiss from Hotchkiss Wardrobes and Shower Screens thought he was about to perform a regular install on Thursday, but was pleasantly surprised when he was greeted by a homeowner who assured him that he could have easily constructed the wardrobe himself; if only he had the time.

“Most customers don’t know their stuff” explained veteran tradie Barry “but I could tell this guy knew his stuff, because he told me that he knew his stuff”.

On showing Barry the room where the install was to take place, the customer, sales rep Carlos Pinata, made sure Barry knew that if he wanted to, he could easily have done it himself but he was much too busy doing important stuff, like “real work”.

“I made sure to let him know that I wasn’t a regular customer because I know exactly what’s going on. It’s just a few bits of wood and aluminium banged together, it’s hardly brain circuitry” explained Carlos.

“I let him know that I once built a whole computer desk using just a screwdriver, a hammer, and a flat pack computer desk kit so I wasn’t just some amateur, like most of the people he must deal with”. 

Sure enough, with Carlos’ verbal assistance, Barry was able to slash his regular install time from 4 hours down to just 5 and a half hours.

“It was a nice change to be working with someone who knew exactly how to do my job,” explained Barry diplomatically, whilst Carlos carefully examined the finished product nearby.

“It’s ok to have a customer say ‘hey, can you just install this over here’ and then leave you to it, but it’s even better when that customer is standing right behind you all day and showing you the best way to do your job. I learnt so much today”.


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