A bloke who didn’t grow up in the big smoke can show ya’ll some real music a bit later on, it can be confirmed. 

Blake Simpson (28) who currently resides in our town’s Betoota Heights, reckons all this ‘auto-tuned sound-cloud rapper shit’ doesn’t hold a candle up to a bit of good honest country music. 

The city working accounting kind of guy, made the claims at some drinks this arvo, accompanied by the promise to play some ‘good shit at kickons.’

The bloke who plays Wagon Wheel without fail at every drinks he hosts, reckons he can treat you to a good rundown of where the country scene is at. 

Luke Combs bro, he’s ripping right now,” explains the half-cut token country fan who actually grew up a townie, rather than the bushie he pretends to be. 

“Follow his playlist on Spotify and you can win a $100 bunnos voucher too aye,” continued Simpson.

“Trust me, Beer Never Broke My Heart,” he continued on to rolled eyes from people more inclined to enjoy a bit of Dua Lipa back at someone’s place. 

“You’ll come round, honestly ya’ll will,” he said before someone changed the tune to what was everyone was thinking for dinner, or some shit. 


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