The Australian Government has today made it clear that they would rather run the risk of calling another election rather than address the concerns of young working Australians with an alternative Housing Bill.

While hiding behind the media noise surrounding the Indigenous Voice Referendum, the Labor MPs tasked with ensuring Australians are afforded the human right of warm shelter have been unable to get the most important piece of legislation since Medicare over the line.

Labor argues this is because The Greens MPs that have swept through metropolitan Brisbane are refusing to sign off on the development of ‘more homes’ in their electorates – because a couple of property developers have had their DAs to build high-rise luxury apartment buildings on volatile Queensland floodplains rejected

As well as accusing the Greens Housing Minister and Member For South Brisbane, Max Chandler-Mather, of purposefully making life harder for women fleeing domestic violence in 5 years time, when they finally unveil 30,000 ‘affordable homes’ which could only be affordable in the eyes of a career politician who gets half their housing fees covered by the taxpay.

This gridlock of political debate has not been addressed in any major newspapers, because despite the media classes hatred of non-Liberal Governments, they hate housing policies that would jeopardise their nest egg interests and the rivers of gold that is and Domain advertising even more.

Chandler-Mather has come out today criticising the government’s newest housing plan that again ‘doesn’t guarantee a cent in housing funding, gambles $10n on the stock market, does nothing for renters’.

This comes as the well-heeled Labor MPs arrogantly turn their noses up at the call for a rental cap to provide some air for the millions of young nurses, teachers and accountants who have to endure to indignity of listening to their housemates have sex at 32 years of age.

Despite their extremely non-Queenslander views on horse-racing and the demilitarisation of the Australian Defence Force, The QLD Greens have cultivated a non-blue-hair following in Brisbane that has not been seen in any another capital – even in the latte-sipper terrace house cities down south.

With a housing crisis roaring through a city with fuck all public transport and the constant risk of floods and other natural disasters, Brisbane City has become the battle ground against the status quo of Australian politics – a system that aims to use the housing as a cash cow commodity for the upper crust – in the same way America has done to their healthcare.

While they still remain true to their bleeding heart leftie roots, the Greens have managed to capture the attention of an entire generation of young working class voters who have been locked out of affordable housing by 40 years of property market manipulation. From the highly politicised lock-out laws that close down lively pubs in urban areas, to the noise complaints that shut down any house party that dares play music after 10pm in a high-value suburb, to the boomer-stacked local councils begging to build to high-rise apartments on tidal Brisbane floodplains that will only be snapped up by the laundered money of mainland Chinese investors and other post-war Australians who have an itch to negatively gear yet another parcel of land that some young family could otherwise call home.

Unfortunately for Labor, the Greens are not signing off on anything except PUBLIC and SOCIAL housing in their electorates – providing they won’t need a trash pump in the basement every La Nina.

And it seems relentlessly ridiculing the youth for ‘not getting it’ will only see the Greens take the last remaining metropolitan seats that Labor can claim – putting even the Prime Minister and his own investment portfolio at risk of mortgage stress


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