The twice former Leader of the National Party has today spoken out about one of the biggest concerns in his life.

Barnaby Joyce has revealed that he holds grave fears that the Voice to Parliament could be a threat to our democracy.

A man who voted on the passing of thousands of new laws in both the upper and lower houses of Federal Parliament, as an ineligible foreign citizen who was illegally taking home hundreds of thousands of tax-payer dollars a year, has said that we can’t take our political system from granted.

“Changing the constitution is a big deal,” continued the bloke who has had to resign from parliament on two seperate occasions.

Joyce then continued on with his scare campaign rant, which has seen him and other conservatives try to leave people with the impression that this referendum will lead to their homes being dispossessed and every Australian having to pay extra tax for an eternity.

The messaging is at odds with the fact that the referendum is more about just recognising Indigenous people in the constitution and creating an advisory body (with no right to pass or veto laws) to provide advice on how to improve things like life expectancy.

However, not wanting to let facts get in the way of a good political narrative which can distract people from the fact the Nationals do absolutely sweet fuck all for farmers and Australians who live in regional areas, Barnaby says we need to be scared of this referendum.

“This is a threat to our democracy, and I’m worried about the perdurable and indissoluble effects of this legislative overreach which could circumvent the trusted political process within this country,” said Joyce, doing his best to jam as many big words into a sentence as he can.

When asked about what the Nationals were planning in relation to the El Nino weather pattern that is formulating ahead of this summer, Joyce shrugged.

“I’m focused on the big picture stuff mate, not boring things like drought and the future economic viability of regional Australia.”


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