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An irate local woman has completely misjudged her audience this morning by assuming a part-time telecommunications employee actually cares about her threats to leave the company he’s only at to fund his heavy marijuana dependency.

It’s believed Natasha Phale spent a good 30 minutes on the phone to James, threatening that she would leave, unless they cut her monthly internet bill in half.

According to James, Natasha had absolutely no chance of getting that heavy a discount out of him, but he had to pretend to care as it is part of company policy.

“You have to say you’re going to speak to the manager, none of us do though. We use that as our unofficial tea breaks.”

“It’s pretty frustrating though, 80% of our phone calls are customers threatening to leave”

“The amount of people that actually leave is less than 10%”

“Could you imagine if everyone who threatened to leave, actually left? No one would have a telecommunication provider”

“I’m pretty sick of it tbh [sic]”

At the time of press, Natasha was still listed as a customer of James’ employer, likely not for a lack of trying – the terms and conditions of Natasha’s contract have her locked into an unbreakable contract for 18 months.

More to come.  


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