Another tech startup has been given its wings today as another guy with a wealthy dad has jumped aboard.

With over 5% of Australians involved in a startup business, it is becoming harder for many of them to survive their first 18 months of business, with 90% of startups that don’t have the backing of a moneyed old man going out of business in that time.

But for Betoota Old City District startup SuperSub (an app that allows you to using your superannuation to invest in startups) it’s all smooth sailing, especially after Dan from uni (and his dad’s money) got involved.

“We’ve got the dream team!” stated CEO Christian Moore, looking upon his team of silver spoon recipients.

“Greg, if you could please quickly talk to your dad about his connections and let’s get on that hustle people!”

According to Moore, his new employee Dan is an invaluable asset to the company due to his qualifications, experience and rich dad that has to fork out money if he ever wants to meet his own grandchildren.

“Dan is a motivated self starter with a background in startups so I’m sure that he and his dad’s money will be a great fit for us!”

“Dan, Dan and his old man! If they can’t save us we’re all fucked!” 


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